Our Investors

Mohandas Pai
(Member of Board of SEBI)

Chairman Manipal Global Education, served as a Member of the Board of Infosys from May 2000- July 2011. He was also the Chief Financial Officer from 1994 to 2006. Currently a member of Board of SEBI. While others can tune in to Arnab Goswami’s show to listen to his words of wisdom, we are lucky to have him a phone call away.

Ashish Doshi
(Co-founder of Urja Group)

A car racer, who loves skidding his car in the rains. After selling his tower transmission business, in thirty days mugged up everything to know about food parks and beat 27 applicants to win the tender to set up Gujarat’s largest food park. Is addicted to gutka and other banned substances.

Paresh Shah
(Founder of Contakt Technologies)

A gujarati from Malad, has managed to get 30 million customers for his astrology, bollywood downloads and cricket score services on Mobile VAS platform, but his beautiful wife isn’t amused, she wants him to loose his 44 inch waistline!!! We’ll put up his profile picture after he’s lost some weight then. 

Manikkan Sangameswaran
(President of Infrastructure fund of ICICI Ventures)

When he’s not giving a billion dollars to power plants and ports he does sky diving in New Zealand.  

Shankarnarayan Sangameswaran (Shanky)
(CIO of Sandstone Capital)

Is always asking why our Board of directors or group of shareholders does not have anyone from the fairer sex. Did not want to go on record while making these observations, lest his wife takes offence. Luckily for Shanky our inflight managers are all pretty airhostesses. The air hostesses who always have the safety and security of their passengers in mind (which includes safety from jealous wives), requested us not to upload his profile picture !!!

Sandeep Tandon
(Founder and CEO of Quant Capital)

Goes long and short on the markets for a 50 bips arbitrage. Cut his cheque to us, in his first meeting with us over a pizza. We love making presentations at his house or rather in the gallery outside his house, cause he stays 10 feet away from Deepika Padukone’s doorbell. Who knows we may just get invited by her for coffee one day. Such a great wheeler dealer that the younger Ambani brother gave him 300 cr for a few share certificates in his private limited entity.

Ashok Ajmera
(Founder of merchant banking firm Ajcon Global Services Pvt. Ltd.)

Loved our maiden flight with Big B so much that he invested with us the very next day. Hmm he doesn’t say it, but we are sure he wears a wig.

Aditya Chandak
(Co-founder of Chandak Group)

Developed 2 million sq feet and has another 2.5 million sq feet under development across Mumbai. Is an ace investor, both in listed and unlisted equities.