Our Team

Gautam Chhabria
(Founder and CEO)

Also called the jumping jack. Jumped from diamond exports, to drug research to solar power only to get bitten by the internet bug. Loves his chocolates and can easily sell a trip to Pluto to Elon Musk. Hearing his plans for Fly with VIP a VC honcho asked him in all seriousness, “dude which grass do you smoke?”. Reads a business book in breach candy club on Sundays and doesn’t get distracted at all by the bikini girls. A recent weekend project, working on a floating island home for himself !!

Harman Baweja

Is such a foodie that he did a course in hotel management in Switzerland before joining the Lee Strasberg acting institute at University of California, Los Angeles. Dates the hottest girls in bollywood. Every now and then runs away to Los Angeles, ostensibly for work. His pictures in Facebook shows only him and his two guy friends in a presidential suite in Las Vegas, hmm we are asking where’s the…ahem performers….Gives dating tips to team members every Saturday. Has promised a break in bollywood in his forthcoming movie to our best coder (first lead or second lead he’s not saying). 

(Product & Marketing Strategy)

While he’s not partying hard and finding new ways to make Friday nights more happening, Tarun heads the strategy, content and execution at PracticeNext.  An MSc from Delhi University, some of his  accomplishments include beer guzzling, impulsive shopping and making sure that all his team members go back home with the biggest smiles on their faces. Had set up a very happening night club in Indonesia and now when he’s back in India, reserves the best pricing for his services for Mumbai based night clubs.

Vivek Gupta
(Strategy Advisor)

Has been Helion Ventures' financial controller since its inception. Loves his chicken biryani and kabab so much that he has cofounded a fresh meat brand that is opening up nationwide hubs and home delivery infrastructure and is targeting a billion dollar exit in two years. Psst has also invested in a lingerie company.

Indu Mirani
(Celebrity Acquisition Manager)

Senior journalist with Times of India group for 30 years. Gulp Amitabh (you know who) and Karan Johar take her calls and even call her back. Watches every movie first day first show, even Harman's!!!!

Anil Shetty
(President NGO Acquisitions)

College dropout who at ripe old age of 22 years is a director on the Bangalore political action committee (BPAC). Has also co-founded and is CEO of World Peacekeepers Movement which at 1.4 million Facebook fans and at current rate of growth threatens to cross the strength of Chinese army very soon. Hobby is to gate crash into parties. Loves splurging on clothes, shoes and watches just like Narendra Modi. Holds public rallies when feeling bored. A politician in the making.

Raj Shekhar Ratrey
(UI/UX Designer)

Raj is literally a rocket scientist having done his aeronautical engineering at IIT. Is a designer, coder and photographer. Is at much at ease at shooting a tiger hunting for its prey as writing a program predicting the odds of a human falling prey to a stray tiger attack due to expanding urban settlements that encroach upon the tiger’s habitats. 

(Mobile Strategy)

An avid gamer and IITB grad Rohit oversees Mobile development, while he’s not swiping through Tinder profiles, he swipes through games on his smart phone with one single motto, the next best play (no puns intended) is right around the corner. Rohit is the founder of PaxPlay a fast growing mobile gaming company. 

(Sr Software Developer)

Sanket believes that there are only 10 types of people in life, the ones who understand binary, and the ones who don’t. A secret ninja in disguise, Sanket’s biggest worry is life is figuring out why his code is broken, and how to get to work on time.

Komal Belani
(Social Media Manager)

A girl who celebrates food festival every day… she is our in house shakira when it comes to belly dancing, jive, zumba and many more which we are still figuring out... another shopaholic who struggles to close her closet whenever she opens it. apart from all this she manages our campaigning.

Neema Lulla
(Inflight Manager)

Has been an airhostess for international sectors for the quotient of one upon pi the median age of our team. Her lunch time conversation about experiencing exotic places like Hawaii and Cuba attracts everyone’s attention. She would be the first you will see when you enter our office, usually feeding everyone chocolates and coffee. Gets a nightmare when u tell her to switch on the computer. A show stopper when it comes to fashion.

Shalini Shetty
(Accounts Manager)

She is very conscious about her diet and phone bill in equal parts. As soon as we knew that her husband ran a liquor shop and a bar, we hired her after negotiating hefty discounts on our monthly consumption. Whenever we raise a toast over another successful event pulled off, she has the bubbly ready.

Trishla Shah
(HR & Relationship Manager)

A social butterfly and a girl who should be working with Charlie and his chocolate factory. A hunter who becomes the hunted when it comes to her encounter with food and diet. A complete shopaholic who manages to make space for new clothes in her closet. She has a voice which our customers want to listen whenever they call. She loves perfumes so you know how to surprise her...

Vimal Samson
(HR & Customer Care Manager)

A tinkerer with technology, a crafter with origami and an ardent researcher of conspiracy are passions best suited to define him. His naturally born acting talent adds to his multi-faceted personality. So beware of his next leave application.