You have always harboured aspirations of proposing to, exchanging notes and nurturing a one-to-one with your favorite celebrity.

Now, Fly with VIP gives you that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of sharing exclusive space with them on an aircraft, 35000 feet above sea level. The best part being, that while having fun, you will also be contributing to a cause, close to your idol’s heart.


You can participate in Auctions (Open and Upcoming) and Contests


  • By becoming the Highest Online Bidder at the auction of a celebrity’s flight that is displayed with precise flight timing and destination on the website.

  • Upcoming Auctions are those where the celebrity’s travel plans are still being finalized. You can make a non-binding bid to fly with celebrities featuring in the upcoming auction section. Once the flight gets scheduled we will we ask for your reconfirmation. In case the schedule does not match your convenience you will have the option to withdraw by simply ignoring our notification.


By becoming the Winner of the online quiz featuring the celebrity. Participation will involve your contribution of Rs 100/- towards a just cause. Donating in multiples of Rs 100/- will multiply your chances that many times more, of flying with the celebrity.

A simple process:

Visit and register:

Registration only requires you to provide us your name, email and mobile number. The shortlisted top four auction bidders and contest participants will undergo the normal screening process, before being declared eligible to fly with the VIP.

FLY WITH VIP and become one yourself.

  • Pride of place next to your favourite celebrity
  • 20-30 exclusive minutes alone with your celebrity
  • Fly with VIP in-flight manager to cater to your needs
  • Prized Selfies with your celebrity
  • Autographed memoir to mark that memorable flight
  • That dream Video with the celebrity
  • Loads of pre and post digital buzz around you with the celebrity
  • Being acknowledged as a contributor to a worthy cause